Thousand Crop Genome Project
Project:  Thousand Crop Genome Project
Abstract:  Thousands of crop genomes have been sequenced and the total size of raw sequencing data size is more than 10 TBs. The is one of the largest crop genome projects. In this project we will use comparative genomics methods to show the evolution of the genomes and try to understand the molecular mechanism of productivity related traits. Be more specific, we will do QC for the sequencing data, genome assembly, SNP calling, gene composition analysis, repeat region analysis and consequent many-genome comparative analysis.
Research team: 
  1. Leader: Prof. Dabing Zhang, Biotechnology
  2. Leader: Associate Prof. Chaochun Wei, Bioinformatics
  3. Leader: Associate Professor Jianxin Shi, Biotechnology
  4. Rui Li, Staff member, CS
  5. Xiao Cui, Doctoral student, Biotechnology
  6. Zhiqiang Hu, Doctoral student, Bioinformatics
  7. Ben Jia, Doctoral student, Bioinformatics
  8. Fang Fang, Doctoral student, Biotechnology
  9. Yang Lv, Master student, Biotechnology
  10. Chen Sun, Undergraduate student, Bioinformatics
  11. Jingyuan Lu, Undergraduate student, Bioinformatics(Zhiyuan College)

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