High Performance Computing (CS075) Spring 2018

High Performance Computing (CS075) Spring 2018

General Information:

Instructors : James Lin james@sjtu.edu.cn

Jianwen Wei weijianwen@sjtu.edu.cn

Stephen Wang wangyichao@sjtu.edu.cn
Guest Instructor : Qingping Fu qfu@nvidia.com

Shan Zhou shan.zhou@intel.com
TA : Xinxin Chen chenxinxin@sjtu.edu.cn

Time     : Tuesday 16:00 - 17:40 pm. (16 weeks)
Place    : 东中院2-403
Instructors' office   : Room 205, Network Information Center


Date Detail Slides Source Code Given by
Feb.27 Introduction of HPC lecture_1A.pdf

Jianwen Wei
Mar.06 A "Hand-on" Introduction to OpenMP lecture_2.pdf OMP_exercises.zip Stephen Wang
Mar.13 Introduction to Compiler Directives with OpenACC lecture_3-1.pdf
Stephen Wang
Mar.20 High-performance computing technology for AI

James Lin
Mar.27 Introduction to MPI lecture_4.pdf lecture4.zip Jianwen Wei
Apr.3 Introduction to PGAS with UPC lecture_5.pdf
Jianwen Wei
Apr.10 Introduction to Sunway TaihuLight Supercomputer lecture_6.pdf
Stephen Wang
Apr.17 Introduction to High Performance Parallel I/O lecture_7.pdf
Jianwen Wei
Apr.24 Introduction to BigData Analysis Stack
Deep Learning

Jianwen Wei
May.8 Introduction of CUDA programming lecture_9.pdf

Stephen Wang
May.15 An introduction to SJTU π supercomputer
Hands-on Lab on π Supercomputer
Stephen Wang
May.22 Deep Learning lecture_11A.pdf

Jianwen Wei

James Lin
June.05 Deep Learning lecture_13A.pdf

Jianwen Wei
June.12 Deep Learning lecture_14.pdf
Jianwen Wei
June.17 Final Project

Jianwen Wei

Reference Books:

1 Deng Y. Applied parallel computing[J]. IEEE Distributed Systems Online, 2006, 5(3).PDF
2 Hennessy J L, Patterson D A. Computer architecture: a quantitative approach[M]. Elsevier, 2012.
3 Eijkhout V, Chow E, van de Geijn R. Introduction to high-performance scientific computing[M]. Lulu. com, 2010.
4 Kirk D B, Wen-mei W H. Programming massively parallel processors: a hands-on approach[M]. Morgan Kaufmann, 2010.

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