SJTU CCOE Seminar 2013 videos
Professor Satoshi Matsuoka gave a talk about TSUBAME2.0 to 2.5 onto 3.0 – Evolutions of Multi-Petaflop Supercomputer.
Professor Marek Michalewicz gave a talk about interplay of HPC, storage, networking and all components to deliver balanced national computational resources – singapore experience.slides
The student of Jakob showed a slides about large scale molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins on the Anton supercomputer – how can conventional HPC compete?
Professor Yaohui Jin brought a talk about big data research in network and information center at SJTU. slides
Huiqun Zhou showed their work about earth science and HPC. slides
Tiranee Achalakul addressed a talk about thier work – a medical image solution : from research to product. slides
Bingqiang Wang from BGI gave a talk. slides
Professor Satoshi Matsuoka gave another talk.

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