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   The High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the top centers of computational excellence and provide the newest supercomputer in China. Located on Minhang Campus. Founded in April 2013.
   HPCC promotes research and teaching on campus, provides supercomputing services , computational science and engineering for scientists, researcher, staff and students in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. HPCC invents the projects of international research and application.
   HPCC is supported by Shanghai Jiao Tong University , NVIDIA, Intel, CAPS entreprise, Inspur and AMD.

   高性能计算服务于2013年正式成立上线,该服务旨在对校内大规模科学与工程计算需求提供技术支撑。上海交通大学高性能计算集群型“π”是一台由CPU+GPU+FAT组成的异构高性能计算系统,理论峰值性能为343TFLOPS(CPU 135TFLOPS+GPU 208TFLOPS)。
  集群目前拥有435台节点,其中CPU节点332台,GPU节点69台,胖节点20台,存储节点6台,管理登陆节点8台,CPU核数达到7000,内存30TB,聚合存储能力为5PB。使用了100块NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPU,10块K40 GPU,24块K80 GPU,4块Pascal P100 GPU,80块400GB SSD高速硬盘,节点之间使用FDR 56Gbps的Infiniband网络高速互联。

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